3.5L HO Performance and Innovation

Chrysler 3.5L HO Performance Camshaft Version 1.1


The results are in!


AZ customer Nathan (BritishNate)installed our set of the 3.5L Version 1.1 Camshafts in his 2005 Dodge Magnum V6 and has shown gains of approximately 17-18HP @ 5200rpm and a gain of about 15-16 TQ @ 4800rpm.  After adding a ported throttle body to allow better airflow into the motor, he picked up an additional 5-7HP @ 5250RPM and about 5-7TQ @ 3700RPM! 



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The sounds of Inertia V6 Performance


Ryan Walsh installed our first released set of the Version 1.1 camshafts in his Dodge Magnum V6 and has provided us with a variety of videos and sound clips.


Along with these camshafts, Ryan is the first to install ported lower intake manifolds and the ported throttle body and has seen good gains as well. Proven 3.5L HO V6 performance - only at Inertia Motorsports! Give us a call today.  

Rear wheel horsepower (RWHP) and torque (RWTQ) results are based off customer results following tuning.

Individual results may vary depending on supporting modifications and air quality at the time of testing.

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