Performance without sacrificing gas efficiency

Crazy Jay Camshaft



Looking for increased performance while maintaining fuel economy?

The "Crazy Jay" cam, along with our Stock Valve Heads made a huge improvement a Dodge Ram and helped make it the fastest non-aspirated 5.7L Truck Motor.

This cam is intended to be used as the maximum bang-for-the-buck 5.7L camshaft on the market that doesn't require more expensive valve train to work.

This cam should not be used in a 6.1 unless installed at 116 degrees or greater due to valve to piston clearance.


Plum Crazy Jay


This 2007 Plum Crazy Dodge Charger Daytona R/T recently laid down 330 horsepower and a whopping 360 foot pounds of torque to the rear wheels on a Crazy Jay, while maintaining the stock exhaust manifolds and cylinder heads.  The only bolt-ons added to this vehicle were an air intake and a cat back exhaust!  Talk about impressive numbers for a cam only install that maintains the most out of the vehicle's MDS!


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Billet Technology chooses Inertia Motorsports


Our friends at Billet Technology chose our Crazy Jay Camshaft, along with a set of our Standard Valve Performance Heads to give their 2006 Dodge Charger Daytona R/T more low end muscle while maintaining excellent gas mileage.  Paired with a great air intake and a 85mm ported throttle body, their vehicle achieved 350 horsepower and slightly more than 375 foot pounds of torque to the rear wheels with stock exhaust manifolds.


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These installs were performed by Michigan Hemi Performance.

Rear wheel horsepower (RWHP) and torque (RWTQ) results are based off customer results following tuning.

Individual results may vary depending on supporting modifications and air quality at the time of testing.

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