Perfection in Aggression

SRT MAX Camshaft



Designed to get the max from your 6.1L HEMI


The SRT MAX is designed to take maximum advantage of the 6.1 hemi within the limits of it's valve to piston and retainer to valve seal requirements.


It will produce maximum mid range torque and HP achievable with the stock pistons and valve springs without creating clearance problems.


This SRT8 Dodge Charger laid out some impressive numbers, 467 rwhp and 433 rwtq (corrected), along with plenty of burnt rubber after installing our SRT MAX camshaft and Standard Valve Performance Heads.  Other modifications for this vehicle included our Ported 6.1L Intake Manifold, Edge Performance 2800 Stall Converter, Long Tube Headers and an aftermarket Air Intake.


This car was tuned by Inertia Motorsports.

SRT8 + SRT MAX Camshaft + Stock Cylinder Heads = ?


Some very impressive numbers!  Infact, this Dodge Charger SRT8 hit a peak of 453 HP and 440+ foot pounds of torque after installing our SRT MAX Camshaft to compliment his stock cylinder heads, long tube headers and highflow cats.


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SRT MAX for the 5.7L HEMI!


Nope, the SRT MAX Camshaft is not just a winner for the 6.1L guys.  The 5.7L guys who are looking for an aggressive, high end camshaft can expect to rip up the road with this one.  Our Performance Heads and a higher stall converter will help get the most out of your 5.7L motor.  In fact, the SRT MAX, along with our Big Valve Heads and a tuning has netted almost 395 rwhp and 396 rwtq while launching a Charger R/T to 12.6 on the quarter mile!


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Got lope?


Want your 5.7L HEMI to sound like the true muscle car it is?


El Cobra chose this Custom SRT MAX Camshaft, nicknamed the SRT MAX Rumbler, for his 5.7L HEMI along with a set of our Big Valve Performance Heads to give his Charger R/T the nasty exhaust lope you hear in this video.


This custom grind option for the 5.7L is guaranteed to turn heads, along with providing solid torque gains.


While this overlap can be done with the 5.7L HEMI's greater valve-to-piston clearance, this grind is not recommended for the 6.1L motor.

These installs were performed by Michigan Hemi Performance.

Rear wheel horsepower (RWHP) and torque (RWTQ) results are based off customer results following tuning.

Individual results may vary depending on supporting modifications and air quality at the time of testing.

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